Back to school with my timetable, pencil case & lunchbox!

August 14, 2017


I really had no idea how much I would love being back at school and learning again about subjects such as; The Great Fire of London, The Norman Conquest, 

Megacities, Baby Boomers and the increase in population since WW2 (as I happen to fall into the category of being a Baby Boomer I was used as a primary resource!)  and understanding the Chinese population control policy of one child when I applied for a job last year at the local community school as a Teaching Assistant.


I have always tried to find a job that I enjoy doing, have an interest in, a passion for and get job satisfaction from. Maybe I came to this decision after leaving my first full-time 'proper' job as a GPO Telephonist in 1975. I had to stay a year to be qualified as a fully fledged Telephonist but after 10 months I could stand it no longer! I decided that putting my hand up to be excused for the toilet and having a fearsome supervisor patrol the lines to check that we were not 'chatting' to the caller and keeping to our very strict script was just a step too far! Life's too short and all that, so it was important to make sure that I didn't fall into that scenario ever again.  

Hand on heart I can say that I never did face that problem again. This is not to say that everything was always rosy in the workplace with some bosses leaving a lot to be desired in the effective communication with employees department but I always loved the work that I did at the coalface. I have worked in colleges and prisons as a Lecturer and Careers Adviser, in hospitals as a Patient Liaison Adviser, Weekend Sales Negotiator at an Estate Agents. ( Loved this weekend job as I got to show people around houses. Must be my naturally nosy personality! ..and who lives in a house like this?....) and a Travel Consultant for Thomas Cook. This was the job that I applied for when I left the telephone exchange. I worked there for 12 years and all before the advent of computers in the workplace! We had massive ABC directories with all the world flights in. I loved my time there and have very fond memories.


In a few week's time I will be back to school for the start of a new term. I am looking forward to seeing the new ones start that have come up to 'big school' and helping them get acclimatised to their new surroundings. I am also looking forward to working with the Year 10 students that are starting their GCSE's this year and supporting them on their journey. The history curriculum will be one particular interest to me at it covers  events within my lifetime; International Relations up to 1975, The Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961.

Another interest is German as my mother came from Bavaria. Although I did not learn to speak the language growing up I had heard it all my life and picked words and phrases up ( albeit it in the local Bayrische accent!) when visiting Passau in the school holidays. I eventually went to adult education classes and learnt the language to GCSE and AS Level. On joining the school last November I was pleasantly surprised ( no, to be honest very excited!) that they taught German and exceptionally well I may add! I have really enjoyed working with the teachers and supporting new students into the classes and practising my language skills at the same time. The phrase 'use it or lose it' comes to mind.

So, come September I will have my newly issued diary and planner, timetable, my sharpened pencils, spare pens, notebooks, a willingness to learn and my sustenance for the day in my lunchbox!






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