Why I started my own business.

August 1, 2017



I had been looking in the Free Ads for a caravan. I wanted to see what the lowest price was that was half decent so that Dave & I could away for weekends. Our friends had just bought a lovely newish caravan and I fell in love with the idea of having a caravan too. 


The reality was that we could not afford one. I felt a bit aggreived about this as we both worked full time in teaching and I felt that our life-work balance was not working out too good. I was commuting by train for 2 hours each day whilst Dave was working long hours as a Technician/Instructor and Lecturing in Photography in the evenings.


When Dave & I got together in our mid-forties we had to start over and use all of our savings as a deposit plus a large mortgage to get even the cheapest house in the South of England. 


The plan was a reasonable one that we had when we got married in 2004. We told ourselves that we could work hard ( we had 2 well paid jobs) while we can for the next 10 years and we could do the house up with a new kitchen, (it had grotesque brown tiles with a sepia cottage on!) new bathroom suite and shower as the existing one was a lovely 1970's mulberry,  and put our own stamp on it. We would then be in our mid-fifties and could then consider paying off the mortgage, looking to semi-retire or at least go part-time in our jobs.  


As we did not have children living at home we felt that we were in a time of our lives when we could perhaps have the odd holiday or two! Over the next few years after getting married we did in fact do some renovations to the house but as the kitchen and bathroom were big projects they unfortuantely got left 'until we could afford it.'


By the March of 2008 quite a few winds of change had blown through our lives. Dave had left his job at the college due to various problems and cutbacks and we had a few reality checks with Dave suffering from an anxiety attack (which we all thought was a heart attack at the time) and realising that things can change very quickly and without notice. The important message that we both got from this was that we needed to take heed of the warning signs and that we needed to change things in our lives.


The idea of a caravan suited the idea of making time to get away for weekends which leads me on to how I had the idea of starting our own business.

While looking in the Free Ads and becoming despondent about the fact that we could not afford anything other than a tent! I noticed an advert to earn an extra income. In fact I noticed quite a few adverts and put my details into one which said free no obligation information pack.


I must say I was quite excited when I received the information pack a few days later. I took it to work the next day and had a good read of the information on the train journey. It looked very interesting and I read all the stories about other people that had started in the business. Some of the stories seemed to resonate with me and made me think 'Well we could do that'. It was also something that we could do together and around our jobs to start with.


By the time I was on my home from work and having re read it again on the train I had made my mind up that this is what 'we' were doing!

The only small problem was how to tell Dave!


I am so glad that I asked for that information 7 years ago as now in my fifties I do not work for someone else.  We are mortgage and debt free and enjoying working the business together.

I decided that I need to take control of my life and to go about working through those life goals before it is too late! (Now where have I put that information about learning German?)

Karin x








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