I was back to 1964 in a jiffy!

December 20, 2017


On entering the shop I immediately could get the sense of a familiar smell. A distinctive smell from way back in my memory as a child visiting my relatives in Germany.  

I remember so clearly when my sister and I went down to the local shop in Grubweg one day, a suburb of Passau in Bavaria, we picked out our favourite lebkuchens from the counter display and walked back up the hill to our Tante Traudl's house munching on our purchases.


Here I was some 52 years later stopped in my tracks in the  middle of a supermarket in England wanting to savour every moment of this memory. 


Our 5 senses are a wonderful thing and have the innate ability to collect an experience and file it in our great filing cabinet in the memory room to be recalled when we look and touch a photgraph, hear a favourite song or piece of music, eat something familiar from our childhood.


How lovely to be able to enjoy that memory with something tangible in the present even if it is for a fleeting moment in time.



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