Do you see an Avon  brochure where you live? 

Discover the benefits of becoming an AVON REPRESENTATIVE

  1. MAKE MORE MONEY - Earn 25% of your sales every 3 weeks.  

  2. BE YOUR OWN BOSS - Start your own business and make your own hours.

  3. WORK FROM HOME - Sell online and in person

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Could you show a brochure to your family / friends / work colleagues / neighbours?

Could you share your shop link on social media and other communicative networks?

Could you work this around your education / current job / family? 

If the answer to these is YES then you are on your way to becoming a successful Avon representative.



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                        JOIN                   SIMPLE SET UP        START SELLING

Interested in becoming your own boss? Get in touch and we'll sign you up as Avon Rep. in no time!

Create your account and online store using our helpful guides so that you can start selling and sharing products! 

Face to face or online. Start sharing your products and you will receive your first order in no time! 

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Which kit will you choose? 

When you have completed your registration you will be asked to select a kit. These are an amazing way to kick start your business. investing in a kit gives you the opportunity to immediately start to feel and demo the products that Avon offer.

You could hold a party and showcase the selection, offer samples out to potential customers and use the products so you can personally endorse them to friends and family and across social media.

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You don't have to be an experienced sales person. Our customers are looking for a friendly, helpful and reliable service - so if that sounds like you then it's simple - just be yourself and you'll be a great Representative.

Want an informal chat?

contact us by text or Whatsapp on:


Or Email:

Immediate Online Sign Up Offered via video call
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The Details....

What commission do I earn?t

There are 2 brackets: 20% or 25% depending on your sales.

The easiest way to understand this is:

if you were to generate £100 sales, achieving over the MOV (minimum order value), then you would earn £20 commission 

If you were to generate £200 sales, achieving over the HOV (higher order value), then you would make £50 commission.

You now earn from your first campaign at 20% commission and if you hit the MOV target then you will achieve 20% in your next campaign, if you hit the HOV target then you will achieve 25% in your next campaign!

How do I "get paid"?

As it is a cash on delivery service, as soon as you have collected the monies from your customers, and have paid your Avon invoice you keep the remained money for yourself. At this moment in time, if you have direct delivery sales online then this commission is given to you by reducing your Avon bill accordingly.


Do I have to pay to become a Representative? 

There is nothing to pay upfront! There are 4 kits, shown in the photo above, that you chose from as soon as you register your account. These are sent to you free of charge and you will receive it 2 - 3 days laters. You will then have 13 days to pay for the kit, from when it was ordered. This would give you time to either start to sell the products that are in it, or start to generate orders via your online shop, whatsapp brochure and paper brochures that will then cover costs.


Are there any rolling costs?

After the admin fee is paid, over your first two regular orders, the only rolling cost is your brochures. These are updated every three weeks, so every campaign brings a new brochure filled with an array of products are great prices. There is a lot of Avon branded stationary that you can invest in, if you wish.

Am I signed into a Contract?

If you change your mind about being an Avon representative you can change your mind at anytime and stop placing orders. You make sure your previous bill is paid and inform Avon of your decision to leave. This means it is an ideal opportunity for you to try and if you feel that it isn't for you, you can stop.

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It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved 

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