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about me

I live in the South West of England here on the beautiful North coast of Cornwall. I have lived here with my husband Dave for nearly 4 years now and we both feel that we have found our 'home'.

I was born in Surrey and spent my childhood from the age of 8 in Hampshire. I was to live and work, get married, have children, move to Scotland, move back again,get divorced, change career, get remarried before eventually settling in this lovely part of the world. 

At the age of 62, I am trying to find a balance now of making sure that I find the time to do all my 'arty' stuff that I had put on hold when other things get in the way. When Dave & I first got together it was important to earn a full-time income and pay a mortgage. We were in our mid forties and wanted to work for the next 10-15 years to build up our retirement fund. 

As we all know that nothing ever goes to plan, we have found ourselves part of the way towards our goal, but we still need to work and generate incomes to be secure. Anyone reading this who is of a similar age will appreciate that as a woman born in the 1950's we have been affected by the increase in the State Pension age. There are campaigns that have been set up to try and fight against the decision and have it reversed or some sort of compromise can be had. 

My feelings are that as a woman growing up and starting their first job in the 1970's it was a whole different world back then and that the State Pension Age should be staggered to have a transitional period. In my case, and for most other women in the same boat,  I did not have a letter informing me of this change and even if I had received notification 2011 was too late in my working life to be able to do enough about it. 

The key I am discovering, albeit late in life, is to find something that will earn you an income for your retirement. 'If it's got to be then it's up to me!'

For the last 2 years I have been learning about essential oils and how they can be used as a natural alternative to over the counter medicine and to help with many ailments as well as improving emotional health. It has certainly made a difference to mine and my husband's health and well-being. We love not having to take synthetic medication when a natural alternative is available.

I am a qualified Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser and registered with the IPHM International Practitioners in Holistic Medicine. Alongside this I have trained as an Aromatouch Massage therapist using a special blend of essential oils to relieve stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue.

I also work part-time as a Learning Support at a new local Further Education college which is a great way to use my life skills and my hard earned teaching qualifications to add value and put back into education. I love it! 

I have also started working part-time as a Sales Leader & Rep. with Avon as I believe it the way to go with earning a residual income and building a business that continues to pays you. It's a bit like a songwriters, musicians and writers receiving royalties for life. 

Drop me a message if you would like a chat about how you could start earning an extra income. Happy to tell you, 

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